these are the insides of our company.

All companies are community affairs, whether they accept that gift and responsibility. At Lion’s Share, we are all about our community, not just where we live physically, but where we have a presence: in the industry, online, in stores around the world, on this m-effin planet!

We ask for support from all around this global community, here are just a few of the ways that others have helped create the innards of this little company.

owners and operators

This business was started and is run by Anika Lehde (vegan circa 1993) and Kirby C. Johnson (vegan circa 1990). Learn more about them and this company here.

people in pictures

All of Lion’s Share’s models are vegan and they all let us take their picture for free. This helps us save money and keep the shirt prices reasonable even tho’ they are done in such limited quantities. Learn about these amazing people here.

this web site

The designer (also vegan) and the programmer for this web site did the work out of friendship and in exchange for experience, (and a few free t-shirts). We didn’t hire an expensive, edgy web firm, but turned to people we know and trust, but who could also benefit from the work.

screen printing

Lion’s Share uses a small shop with operations based in Seattle, WA and Austin TX, USA called Pork Chop Screen Printing. The owners of this company are our friends and helped us keep our prices low by letting us do some of the labor ourselves.

logo and tags

Our company’s logo and our hand-made tags are made by a vegan artist named Razi Bhatti. She is a talented graphic designer and has a way with hand screen printing and making things real, small, and special. She didn’t charge us an arm and a leg for her work, because she is just starting out in business and is happy to be part of this project. She is also one of the series one models, and a future t-shirt designer.

t-shirt manufacturing

All of our shirts are made in the U.S.A by well paid and well treated textile  workers. Each shirt is either certified organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, or recycled materials. More information here.

art file preparation

We even received help to ensure the artists creations were correctly transferred into the format that is used for screen printing; vegan artist and designer Aaron Edge gave us his time in exchange for a big vegan dinner.


Our shirts would be almost 10% more expensive if it weren’t for the amazing free photography done by our good friend Anthony Godoy of Heavy Trick Media. He has photographed Quincy Jones for dog’s sake — how we were so lucky, he said yes to us, I’ll never know. Well, we did offer him really, really, really good beer.


The artists spotlighted on Lion’s Share t-shirts are paid for their amazing work. But thankfully for us, they have all given us a price break from what they would normally charge for commission work. They deserve more for the headache of working with us, but again, we’ll make it up to them with vegan treats of one sort or another.