These are the talented folks behind the inaugural series of Lion’s Share shirts. They are The Artists.



A proud son of Montana, COSMOS has a penchant to wax florid in prose and poetry. His paintings can seem both foreign and familiar at the same time (but always anachronistic). The people and beasts in his work are bulging or running, crazed, and in control. He is able to pay (some) bills with commission illustration and a miscellany of odd jobs but is also a musician and web maven. A self-confessed, self-indulgent linguiphile, he staves off his impending fatal obesity by riding his bicycle. He spends a considerable time in other worlds of comics, video games, and movies, but officially he lives and learns in NYC. In this world, his cat, Revolver Ocelot, is his joy.

“I just (sometimes) try my hardest to not fuck up whatever it is I’ve set out to do.” – COSMOS



Settled in Seattle by way of Salt Lake, EGO makes his living by drawing pictures on people’s skin, gets his jollies by paining pictures on walls, and feeds his secret hoity nature by selling paintings at galleries. His paintings are both objectionable and addictive, starring innocent, tortured skeletons and cruel, malevolent monsters. He has designed his own skateboard line (Monster Boards) and is known for his wicked logo and shirt designs. Inspired by other local street artists and his own terrifying dreams; mostly EGO is just a recluse.

Julia MacCracken


Julia is a secret weapon of clean, pure, design. She is a no-frills graphic designer who spends some of her free time baking wonderful vegan cookies, pies, cupcakes, and other goodies for her friends. She likes her shirt designs as sweet as her treats and when given the choice, she’ll draw vegan food every time. Born in the incest capital of the United States, Julia makes ends meet as an in-house marketing manager and graphic designer for a Seattle company, but dreams of opening her own sweet shop someday.

Maré Odomo


Born and raised in the Bay Area, Maré pulls words and drawings from his brain and turns them into funny, touching, and sometimes popular comics (especially when targeting Pokémon fans from broken families with Letters to an Absent Father). His work is sweet but not syrupy and is occasionally biographically fueled. With great respect for a very long list of artists, including Kevin Fanning (, Maré reserves his greatest respect for his mother, a talented artist and musician in her own right. He’d like to make a difference in the world, but also not seem like a completely crazy person (don’t we all).

“I try to help people understand that being vegan isn’t as weird as they might think, but not all the time. I just throw it in there sometimes and go about my business.” – Maré

Scott Garner


Real life polymath, Scott is a generous gift from the big state of Texas. He is an illustrator, motion designer, computer engineer, music composer, comic strip writer, and has been a stage actor and singer. In his work he doesn’t just execute from an idea in his head, he sculpts each piece, chipping away and refining and discovering it. Scott’s photographs are strangely haunting, kind of taking something of you when you walk away. His comics are uniquely observant, bringing you stories, humor, and irony, like tiny invisible gifts. I hear that a studio album and actual book are in the works. He might be a little OCD, in the good way.

“I’ve liked most of the animals I’ve known as much or more than the people I’ve known. I spent a lot of time in Texas living and working around everything from chickens and cows to peacocks and llamas—there was even a zebra I was fond of named Spot” – Scott