Nicole and Lee

here is some information about our co.

Officially, Lion’s Share Industries is a Seattle-based limited liability company (LLC) owned and operated by Anika Lehde and Kirby C. Johnson. In reality it is a special art and fashion experiment made possible by many talented vegans and friends-of-vegans all around the world.

Founded in March of 2010 from three thoughts:

  1. we have serious vegan pride. no lie.
  2. we wanted better more fashionable t-shirts.
  3. we know tons of vegan artists.

how we do it.

Each series of Lion’s Share shirts is based on a theme. Five artists are then commissioned to design a shirt that says “vegan” in words or pictures. The designs are identifiers, not arguments. The artists are given choices of various eco-materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled materials, each with its own color pallet. The artists chose the inks. They also vote on where 15% of the series profits will be donated.

Only 200 of each design is produced. About 20 of the shirts are given back to the artists, models, and others who donate their time. The remaining 180 are hand number and sold via this web site and retail boutiques.

We sell our shirts to just about anyone, anywhere, our only limits are the mail system and cost of postage. We consider this project a global endeavor.

Get in touch with us anytime for more information.