Follow your heart.

We think everyone should follow their heart. There is no shame in evolving to be more compassionate, there is no fear in refusing to be indifferent.

You don’t have to buy more things. Spend more money. You don’t even need to buy one of our shirts. You don’t have to give more money to charities. Work more hours. Go to school to learn something specific. You don’t have to do anything at all really. You just have to stop doing things that hurt others.

Wearing Animals.

Not only is it possible to live a completely fashion-filled life without wearing the skins, furs, hairs, and body parts of other beasts, but it is actually a lot nicer. Once you stop wearing dead and hurt animals parts, you will look way cuter. This is a promise. Refusing to support the leather, fur, silk, and wool industries will significantly impact the animals raised and slaughtered for this purpose. Resources: {Fur Fact Sheet} {Wool Industry} {Leather Fact Sheet} {Vegan Fashion Blog}

Eating from Animals.

So, I hear this is the hard part of most, and maybe it is. But it is also the most powerful and liberating thing you can stop doing, for both you and other sentient earthlings. You can eat healthily, or you can really eat like crap. You can indulge your sweet tooth or get into raw food. What ever Those are choices that impact you. But refusing to support the meat, dairy, poultry, fishing and related industries can change not just our environment and our politics, but you alone will save ~200+ animals each year. Resources: {Vegan Outreach} {Vegan Recipes and Tips} {No Dairy}

Animals for Entertainment.

Not always in the public eye, the tortured lives of circus, zoo, and other performing animals do not get the attention of the UN. But you don’t have to be a part of the cruelty and slavery pushed upon wild creatures just for the fun of it. Only support sanctuaries and conservancies and don’t support the trade of wild animals who otherwise could be on nature preserves instead of in cages or tanks. Resources: {Zoo Fact Sheet} {Save Wild Elephants} {Ringling Bros.}

Experimentation on Animals.

Terrifying to consider, but real in our impact, humans experiment on other mammals with similar nerve endings and fear responses. And the worst part, is that it doesn’t work and isn’t necessary. If someone has told you that experimenting on animals saves human lives, alas, this isn’t how it works. All you have to do is not buy products that are tested on animals. Don’t support schools and companies that use creatures in this way. Resources: {PRCM} {Tests without Torture} {Chimpanzee Sanctuary NW}