people in pictures.

All of Lion’s Share Industries’ models are vegan and we wish you could know them all personally. But since most of them live in Seattle, you might not get the opportunity. Let us introduce them to you.

Alex Payan

Alex Payan

Not only is Alex good at “being brown and down” ( it’s not something everyone can do), but he also excels at getting work at vegan joints such as Pizza Pi, Wayward Cafe, Sidecar, and Mighty-O Donuts. He now works at the mega-rad vegan-owned as the shipping room guy. Oh, but he is just not a vegan company’s dream employee, he is currently in school to become a licensed massage therapist. It isn’t all work for this young man, Alex is into Star Wars and other nerdy stuff, like speaking mando’a.



Kimberly loves decimating the dance floor, obsessing about music (electronic, indie rock, hip hop). She is also into street art, DJing, and usability.



Kitty is a whirlwind of animal activism hailing from the public high school of Shorecrest just north of Seattle. When not volunteering at Sidecar or being a founding member of Students for Animal Rights, she is getting out on the streets for real life protesting with the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN). I wouldn’t get in her way, she is only 17 and has done more in her few years than most can say for their adult lives.


Lee Mcglothlen

Lee is a damn fine guitar player and a damn fine booze slinger. More importantly he pushes that booze at Seattle’s only all-vegan bar, Highline. His wife says he’s a really good cook, but he might not mention it. Lee’s favorite thing is hearing his dog Ody howl along with “Shimmy Shimmy Yah” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Also, he rides a bike. For reals.

Mare Odomo

Maré Odomo

Not only is Maré one of the models, but he is also one of the Lion’s Share shirt designers, and he made the logo for Anika’s blog, Seattle Vegan Score. He is a freelance illustrator/cartoonist who is, well, famous on the internet. He digs Pokémon, hip-hop, and the internet. Most importantly, he’ll walk an hour out of his way to get some good vegan food. Twitter. Tumbler. Flickr.


Nicole Murillo

Nicole works at the doctors office for dogs, OK, we mean Queen Anne Animal clinic. She has the best taste of anyone we know and was born in Bolivia (could those two things be related?). When not working with animals, Nicole fills in volunteer shifts at Sidecar, the all vegan store or makes things (you know, doing crafts and being creative). She drinks at least one kombucha a day and shares her home with Ody, Toad, Drool and Lee (see above), which is good because Lee makes good Brussels sprouts.


Razi Bhatti

Razi loves space camp, gold things, real and fantasy beasties, and the sixties. We’ve seen her house, it is very cool. She is officially a freelance desigllustrator(tm) but her true calling is drawing expressive faces on unsuspecting inanimate objects, including pies that she bakes in large quantities. Razi is a reluctant model, but an amazing artist. She designed the Lion’s Share logo and will be one of the illustrators for the second series of shirts. Check out her pretty art.


Sara Russert

Is truly the vegan donut queen; as a manager at Mighty-O Donuts she is the voice behind their twitter and Facebook personalities. And boy, can she bake a cake. She has a special brand of dogged determination when she sets her mind to something (trust us). Like her “friend” Alex, she spends her spare time on supremely nerdy things like Star Wars, fantasy novels, and World of Warcraft. In addition to baking one of the world’s best donuts, vegan or not, she also spreads veganism through being healthy example (that girl runs!).


Scott Garner

Real life polymath, Scott is a generous gift from the big state of Texas. He might be a little OCD, in the good way. In addition to practically being a professional model, he is also one the of Lion’s Share shirt illustrators. Check it. Twitter.


Simar Tate

Simar pays the bills by working at Whole Foods in the kitchen as a prep cook (including amazing vegan pizzas), but spends the majority of his free time working on music (see Derelict and Camp Lazlo Studios). Lately his play list has been full of Danny Brown (a dope hip-pop artist from Michigan, the same state where Simar once resided). He likes Seattle, because even tho’ he likes the sun and the heat that comes with it, he just thinks it’s a luxury not an everyday thing. I got a blog. Twitter.